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Pipe Support Blocks

ACS Insulation is the exclusive producer and world-wide supplier of the high density “POLY BLOCK”. This patented pipe support block surpasses the old wooden support block technique, and is set to revolutionise the commercial air-conditioning insulation industry.

Insulated Blocks

Traditional wooden insulation blocks support the weight of a pipe when evenly placed every 1500mm, which means that on a long stretch of pipe there could be hundreds of blocks. The problem with the old block was that it was 40mm wide, which was the same width as the strut it rested on. It was also made of wood which meant there were a lot of condensation issues. When the pipe was insulated, installers had to vapour seal the block, which was very time consuming; the clip had to be removed and the pipe had to be propped up to vapour seal the entire block, which caused a number of safety issues.

Why choose high density POLY BLOCK?

  • The ACS Insulation high density “POLY BLOCK” eliminates all of the issues associated with the traditional wooden block
  • The product is 120 mm long, which gives you 40 mm either side of the strut
  • POLY BLOCK can be cut to any pipe size and wall thickness
  • It comes with a vapour barrier so there is no need to remove the clip
  • The installation thereof eliminates safety concerns
  • The POLY BLOCK has very high insulation properties, which means the block is no longer a weak point – the pipe is fully insulated from start to finish, including the supports
  • The product is competitively priced
  • The POLY BLOCK takes the same time to install as the old wooden block, but it is a far superior product and ensures a better insulated system

If you’re a mechanical consultant, remember to ask for POLY BLOCKS in your specifications. It’s the newest advancement in insulated blocks, and is set to revolutionise the world of insulation.

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